You call it “old”, I call it experienced and reliable. I wouldn’t trust my family’s safety to a noise maker or a “DIY” system. God forbid, my family is in harms way and I have a “DIY” system hanging in my home with sticky tape and no one knows that we have just had a home invasion or fire, for that matter. My experience with ADT has been nothing but positive, there are so many companies out there that are trying to benefit from the world we live in, that have no business claiming that they are a home security provider. ADT saved my family’s life by having monitored fire protection. There is no price tag on my family’s safety. They require the same type of maintenance as that of security alarms.

home security reviews 2018

It was no real problem setting the recorder did get my PC and Dell tablet and my Samsung phone to connect just had to follow the institutions using the Lorex DDNS connection and also my internet is by satellite so it made the connection will have to wait to see video coming.